Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Sailor's Thai

This photo was taken at Sailors Thai Restaurant. My good friend Renjit gave my wife Barb a gift voucher to this restaurant in December 2005 for her 30th Birthday. It was a very thoughtful gift as Renjit and I had shared a couple of meals upstairs at the Canteen before he moved to Sydney. Sailor's Thai sort of signified all that Melbourne was not. Barb was part way throught the pregnancy of our daughter Maya, who was born on 16 May 2005 and died 5 days later, when we shared this meal together.

This was the desert.

Justin's fatherdom dinner

Late last year I organsed a dinner at the fantastic restaurant at the Three Weeds Pub for my mate Juzzy who was about to become a dad. It was a dinner for roasting Justin's fears of fatherhood while eating sublimly rich food and NZ vino.

Fresh made sourdough bread rolls kept us full until entrees of cured ocean trout with avacodo icecream followed by perfertly cooked and tender fish mains. Wow. I can remember that each time I took a mouthful of the fish I was hoping there was still some left.

It was at the 3 weeds, about a decade ago, I enjoyed hearing Deb Conway and her band while eating fish and chips. Thing's have changed.

Pink Sugar

Here's my missus, Barb and good friend Vicky enjoying fairy floss at our local primary school fete. No dagwood dogs (a battered & deep fried hot dog) in sight!!

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Meat Feast

Every few months a goup of friends who have a love of food, both kitsch and ethnic, get togther. We are known as FAG or Food Appreciation Guild. The last FAG outing was at the family run La Parrillada, Leichhardt. A group of 6 shared about 3kg's of bbq meat, Peruvian style. A mixture of pork, beef and lamb served on a hibatichi. Unfortunately La Parrillada's "All You can Eat" special ($19.90) had run out so there was no deliciously succulent chicken. This was the main meal, after we had consummed a bowl of deep fried chips and deep fried sausages. I highly recommend this restaurant.