Wednesday, 12 March 2008

The Last Dumpling

The final event for FAG in 2007 was a visit to Hong Fu North East Chinese Restaurant in Parramatta. Mitch ensured us that the pork dumpling were to die for. I guess that's why we had two servings.

Speaking of near death Barb has a great story of when she burnt her face when she ate a very hot dumpling at a similar place in Chinatown. As she bit into the steaming hot dumpling juice from the hot meat squirted across her cheek leaving a red hot burn mark. Barb used the very cold can of unopened coke that I had ordered to cool the burn and continued eating. What a trooper!

Northern Chinese food came into my life when I was 21 years old. My friend Glenn took me to the legendary Seabay Restaurant on Pitt Street to eat hand made noodles and dumplings for my birthday. The host, a tall thin elderly man greeted you with a warm smile and cheesy music. I have eaten here several times, with different groups of friends, some who I've lost contact with. Each time I visit Seabay it brings back memories of both the food and the people I've shared a meal with.

Parramatta is an underrated foodies paradise. Indian and Sri Lankan restaurants jostle with Lebanese and kitsch western food establishments like Hooters, Hog's Breath Cafe, Lone Star & City Extra. A couple of places to try are: El Phoenician (Lebanese), Istana (Malaysian), Temasek (Singaporean), Tingha Palace (Yum Cha), Flavour of Ceylon, Neelam (Indian), Orexi (Greek) and Sahra (Middle Eastern). That should keep you going for a little while. Thanks to

I would also highly recommend the Coffee Emporium in Westfields (Level 5, near the fruit shop). I used to drink coffee at the original shop in Bankstown. Check out their website:


Anonymous said...

I had a burn mark across my cheek for 2 days.

Very attractive. That's the price you pay for gluttony.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Jacob, Another excellent story, I am checking in every once in a way just to bask in your foodiness