Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Rob at the cricket

I took my father-in-law, Rob, to watch the final of the Pura Cup. NSW was desimating the Vics. We both had the day off: Rob - because he was retired, me - because I was unemployed. When we arrived we took a seat in the Ladies Stand. As you can see by the photo above there was plenty of room!   

Rob recounted that he hadn't been to the SCG since he was a child. I think he mentioned that he came with his Dad to watch The Don.

The food choices were severely limited. Pies, chips, beer and warm coffee were on offer. I had to take a photo of Rob eating chips. He lives off a very healthy diet, smothered with salads, thanks to his wife Carol.  We then had ate lunch at Thai place in Surry Hills that we found along the walk to Central Station.  

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