Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Wobbly Dessert

When my friend Renjit turned 30 a couple of years ago I wanted to take him out for a quintessential Sydney experience. I organised for a small group of friends to go swimming at Palm Beach followed by an early dinner at Jonah's. Justin, Kate, Barbara, Renjit and I had all become close friends since Renjit re-located to Sydney, from Perth, via Melbourne.

I had met Renjit in December 1993 at the inaugural Marthoma Youth Camp which was organised by a team of displaced Malayalees living in Canberra. One of the group was Reji, Renjit's older brother. Renjit and I have shared a bond ever since. He still teases me about the bandanna and Roy & HG t-shirt (with an underpants emblem on the front) I wore at the camp. Yes, I was too cool for school.

We had a great time at the beach and had to get dressed after having outdoor showers. I imagine that Renjit, Justin's and my bodies would have been terribly distracting for the locals.

At Jonah's the view was a perfect metaphor for our friendship. We were sitting on the edge of the ocean all looking out together in awe. None of us really knew what was ahead of us but we all knew that we would share the journeys to come together.

The video below captures the moment we shared perfectly. Do it.

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Renjit said...

I can't believe you put the video of the panecotta on here - hilariarse!!